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VVOB Zambia published in September 2010 the book “Tales of the Grasshoppers. Small Steps and Giant Leaps of Grassroots Projects on the use of ICT in the Classroom”. On the one hand VVOB Zambia wants to document and to share with this book the Grassroots Projects with other Zambian Institutes (Colleges of Education, Community schools en Resource Centres). On the other hand they also want to present the Grassroots Projects as a concept to duplicate within VVOB, within other partner countries or within other networks. The latter was also the conclusion of a regional meeting between VVOB Zambia, Kenya and Zimbabwe in May 2010.

This book contains nine tabs (you can download them all below in low and high resolution):

  • Tab 1 provides some background information on the Grassroots Projects.
  • Tab 2 until 6 contain the work of several groups (more than 30 testimonies). Each project contains a jury report, a short biography, a photograph of the participants, contact details, a case-study with a link to the used tool and methodology.
  • Tab 7 contains 35 technical tabs of ICT tools which can be easily used in education (as a mean of communication or as a resource).
  • Tab 8 contains some eLesson plans of the Grassroots projects.
  • And Tab 9 contains all the documents that they have been using to implement the Grassroots Projects (PowerPoint presentations, application forms, procedures,…)

The book is now digitally (9 PDF files) available. We want to demonstrate that a so-called bottom-up approach concerning the integration of ICT in education works. Furthermore this practical handbook may help to encourage readers to extend more and better their personal learning environment on the internet. At the moment a lot of (free) tools are available which can be used for professional development.

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