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All is finally set for the full implementation of the ECSITE project. On the 18th of April the project was officially launched in Ndola, in the presence of the District Education Board Secretaries (DEBS) from the project areas, the Director, Teacher Education, representing the Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Education. The event was also attended by the EU Head of Cooperation in Zambia, Mr Aad Biesebroek, our Director Bart Dewaele, and Tom Vandenbosch, our Educational Advisor, who combined this visit with the programme development process and the finalization of the M&E framework for the ECSITE baseline. Mr Biesebroek took advantage of the occasion to hand over the EU vehicle to the ECSITE Project Coordinator.

We now have the list of the 250 schools we will be working with, and some are in a very dire situation. It is encouraging to note that they have very committed volunteer teachers, who are serving their communities with little or negligible compensation and are very eager to learn to improve their practice. This will definitely be a great motivating factor for the ECSITE project team. We look forward to witnessing positive changes for the Zambian vulnerable children that Community Schools serve.