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Learning Improvements for Teachers and Lecturers in Early Education


Research has shown that children who participate in early childhood education are more likely to enrol and remain in primary school (and achieve better results) than those who cannot access comprehensive early childhood care and education. This is particularly important for girls as through early childhood education they are better prepared for school and frequently stay in school much longer.

Early childhood education is very new and not well established yet, particularly among vulnerable groups. Moreover, the quality of the service is still quite low. Zambia is in need of highly qualified early education teachers to meet the required numbers as the policy of the Ministry of Education is implemented.

Given the recent plans to improve and create structures for early education (NIF III, 2011-2015), VVOB and the Ministry agreed that the focus of the next VVOB programme would be teacher training for early education. The
programme runs from 2014 until 2016.

Objective of the programme

The VVOB intervention supports the Ministry of Education in monitoring the delivery of early childhood education at the colleges of education. VVOB is supporting the Ministry of Education in setting up systems for early childhood education. VVOB is empowering lecturers for early childhood education through in-service and pre-service training.

Pre-service teacher training for early childhood education is provided in a selected number of colleges of education. The programme aims at increasing the quality of the courses provided at these institutions. Besides this, VVOB is supporting the District Resource Centre Coordinators from Ndola and Kitwe in organising training on early childhood education for the in-service coordinators in 18 zones. These coordinators are helping teachers in the schools to provide quality education for small children.


The programme in Zambia focuses on the training of early childhood education teachers. It has three result areas.

  • The Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education will support and monitor the provision of quality training for early childhood education teachers.
  • The three Colleges of Education responsible for the training of early childhood education teachers (David Livingstone College of Education, Kitwe College of Education and Zambia Institute of Special Education) will be able to provide a quality and gender sensitive training that corresponds to the official syllabus of early childhood education.
  • The District Teacher Resource Centres support the Zonal Teacher Resource Centres in the further training of early childhood education teachers in 18 specific zones.