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VVOB has been implementing the Teacher Training Support Programme (TTSP) since 2008 in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Sciences, Vocational Training and Early Education (MESVTEE). The programme was implemented in all public Colleges of Education and was centred around three main themes: Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Distance Education (DE) and ICT in Education, and an additional component looking at fine-tuning the institutional framework for government support to Community Schools.

The programme has been implemented through the Directorates of Teacher Education and Specialized Services, both Pre-service and In-Service units as well as the Zambia Library Services and the Directorate of Distance Education (DODE). Through the attached publication we have tried to retrace the story of the six year journey through testimonies from individuals who have been part of the TTSP activities. The publication was circulated in November 2013, when VVOB bed farewell to many of the colleagues from the Colleges of Education with whom the programme has collaborated in the last six years.